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Monitor your vineyard environment for up to the minute conditions, predict the possible onset of powdery mildew infection and receive alerts for events that require your attention.

The powdery mildew problem

Powdery mildew has been infecting vineyards since we began cultivating grapes. If you blink, you may miss the signs that powdery mildew is creeping into your vines. Sound familiar?

After primary infections colonies of the powdery mildew fungus spread over the surface of the vine tissues. The fungus enters the tissue, absorbs nutrients and slowly kills surface cells. After 5-32 days (usually 5-12 days), depending on temperature, the fungus sporulates. These spores are spread by wind and may cause secondary infection within 24 h if conditions are favourable. The fungus can go through at least three cycles of infection before leaf symptoms are first detected in vineyards.
(Emmett et al., 1992).
Strategies for managing the disease are often limited to calendar spraying

Powdery mildew can infect your vines before any signs of the infection are visible. To avoid this issue vineyards all over the world are using the Risk Assessment Index (RAI) model. Growers have found that the RAI really helps them understand which vineyards are sensitive and prone to mildew infections. Using a more effective approach to pest management, growers moved away from strict calendar applications and began to modify spraying intervals based on the model. They ended up spraying and dusting much less in some vineyards, while in others, they treated more because they realized that mildew pressure was much higher.

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vineyardIQ is a powerful tool that assists the grower in making smart decisions about crop management

Don't wait until it's too late.  When leaf symptoms are detected through visual inspection, the disease has already established itself in your vines.
Anticipate this event using vineyardIQ and RAI model analysis to let you know when disease pressure is changing.  Save your grapes when a high disease pressure is indicated.  Save time, money and improve quality when the disease pressure is low.

RAI in real-time

Collect and analyze vineyard data in real-time to assess risk of powdery mildew infection.

RAI visualization

View the results of the analysis in tabular or graphical data representation at daily or hourly resolutions.

RAI notifications

Receive up to the minute visual and audible notifications on the web and mobile devices.


Environmental data collected and stored for analysis and display.


Information to help you make important decisions, at your fingertips.


Up to the minute alerts on all your devices.


Managed sprayings are linked to the RAI information.