vineyardIQ Solutions
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Vineyard Map

The vineyard map outlines all your blocks and and marks the sensor location within each block. Clicking on a sensor marker shows detailed environmental and RAI information for the block, as well as significant vineyard events and sensor health information.

Event Notifications

Visual and audible notifications sent to web and mobile devices. Convenient summary pages to view all event notifications at a glance. Acknowledgement support for team communications. Event notifications stored to enable historical overviews. Optional emails.

Real-time data visualization

Store valuable real-time data into a cloud-based database. Analyze sensor data to assess risk of powdery mildew infection. Provide tabular or graphical data representation in daily or hourly resolutions. View dashboards to see vineyard data in one place.

Wireless sensor network

Identify conditions within multiple sensor networks. Multiple gateway options for flexible communications. Low cost hardware. Monitor sensor health to ensure proper operation of network. Secure collection and transmission of sensor data. We set up and configure the wireless sensor network and gateway for you.

Security and reliability

Secured subscriber access to data stored in the Cloud. Secure data transmission between all network components. Data caching at each network component guards against intermittant network failures.

Spraying Management

The spraying list is a history of all vineyard sprayings. It shows the spraying date, target and blocks covered by each spraying. Selecting a row in the list will reveal all the details of that spraying including spray products used, affected vareties and environmental conditions. Entering a new spraying will cause the RAI to be reset for the targeted blocks.


Setup and management are included with all installations. Pre-deployment application-specific configuration. Transparent software updates. On-site hardware inspection. Timely state-of-the-vineyard reports. End-of-season summaries. Priority customer experience.

Software data management

Export data to any convenient format. Generate detailed operations reports. Integrated event management. View data at multiple levels of granularity.

Software configuration

Application-specific customization. Single source, easy setup and management. Remote administration of views, data aggregators, and users. Configurable sample rates to enable optimization for local conditions.